Works as an Independent Artist

  1. Zero Distance

    ‘Zero Distance’: Driven by the sensorial inebriation of falling the work explores the verge of physical pleasure where the need of sensing the others becomes an act of subversion.
    Premier: 2008, Arnhem

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  2. No Strings Attached!

    ‘No strings Attached! ’: Investigates affection as a physical force intrinsic to the nature of movement.
    Premier: 2007, during Cecilia’s Choreographic Master Course at the Dance Unlimited ArtEZ Institute of Arts.

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  3. Skinless – A poem to femininity

    Jumping with nothing to grab, just the sensation of falling all the way through this strong, vulnerable string of life, all the way…
    Skinless was created in collaboration with the choreographer Attila Gonczi.
    Premier: September 2005, Theatre Aan de Rijn, Arnhem.

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  4. Unknown Body

    ‘Unknown Body’ is a dance performance that brings together two young dancers with two elderly women to challenge the materiality and affection of the body in a space that is dedicated to the spirit – a church.
    Performance created in collaboration with the choreographer Maria Ramos
    Premier: December 2002

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