Works with Canvas Performing Art Dance Company

  1. Can You Fix Me? – The temple of beauty ‘Change’

    “Can you fix me?” is an absurd, humorous multidisciplinary, location performance produced by Canvas Performing Art and Stichting GANG. The performance was presented as, an “adventure tour to the ‘Temple of beauty’ ”, where the public can follow the development of different “patients” who are passing through several ‘experimental phases’ in order to achieve their ‘ideal of beauty’.

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  2. Home Sweet Home

    A 30 minutes dance duet performance created especially for teenagers. With moments of melancholy, humour, passion and anger, “Home sweet home” is a simple homage to the daily wonders and conflicts of love in a couple’s life. Chocolate, television and the two of us…
    Produced by Canvas Performing Art. Premier: November 2004

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  3. MidZOMERnachtDROOM

    In between the trees of the Sonsbeek Park, with the city of Arnhem as a background, Canvas brought the fairy world of “midZOMERnachtDROOM” to more than 3.000 spectators
    Produced by Canvas Performing Art, Theater Projecten and Sonsbeek Festival. Premier: July 2004

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  4. Heilige Huisjes – The peep show of family intimacy

    ‘Heilige Huisjes’ is a daily tale of magic realism that reflects on a universal sense of family values.
    Multidisciplinary dance performance on location produced by Canvas Performing Art. Premiere: December 2003

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  5. Hellebal – The Garden of delights

    Inspired by the book “Master and Margarita” from M. Bulgakov, “Hellebal” is a contemporary fairytale, based on a surreal interpretation of the Devil’s image of today:
    Multidisciplinary Dance performance created in co-production by Canvas Performing Art and Theaterwerkplaats Generale Oost. Premier: May 2003

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