Physical Mind-maps


‘Body Awareness’ is an approach to movement exploration that conciliates diverse principles and practices of release technique and contact technique to stimulate the development of the consciousness of movement in the body. This process applies touch and body manipulation as well physical imagery to stimulate the sensorial perception of movement.

‘Artistic signature’ combines the exploration of sensorial-motor experiences with associative/ intuitive practices using visual imagery and verbal expression. Within this module I’m developing 2 new lines of exercises, which I call ‘‘sensorial writings’ and ‘synesthetic exercises’.

Mind-maps: Originally inspired on the theory of the horizontal brain division suggested by the neurobiologist Roger W. Sperry in 1984, Mind-maps consists on the development of diverse mapping exercises that combines an intuitive and analytical manner of exploring interests, references and strategies intrinsic to the development of an individual artistic vision.

I started developing this methodology during a pilot artistic laboratory in 2009, with the 1st and 2nd year’s students from the Contemporary Dance Department of the Amsterdam Faculty of Arts. In 2011 I’ve developed it further throughout a 2nd laboratory realized with the Master students of dance from the FMH –UTL. Presently I initiated a second phase of this methodology by applying it to students from other artistic fields.


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