In the experience of feeling dance I encounter sense; a sense that breathes in the vertigo of unbalance, giving space for the impermanent, for transformation, for movement. In the sensations of a danced movement I discover a de-rationalized wisdom, a sensual understanding of meaning, a non-formal exchange. In dance the body merges with its exterior, with the atmosphere; it becomes an atmosphere of sense. The body loses a contained identity […]


Through dance there are moments when I become motion. In these moments, I’m not in motion, but I am motion. I experience an ongoing state of transformation; not a transformation into something, but a feeling of ‘being’ transformation; a state of becoming or being the force of becoming; being simply a manifestation of energy. Dance plays with the vertigo of being a momentum of becoming. It perceives existence as a […]


From birth to death I am just falling, falling through timeFalling is what I amI am this fallWhen the fall stops there is no me, or at least no me as I can imagineI am the motion of fall, the feeling of falling Fall…A state of exhilaration,A sensation of fear merged in pleasureA sensation of intangibleThe impossibility to grab the air I pass throughA sensation of the inevitable I am […]


A thirsty feeling satisfied in moments of wondering In these moments before gravity is completed,I’ll be falling and be free to laughExchange a magic smile for nothing and feel free to laughLaugh and feel free to laugh moreLaugh for nothing and for loveLaugh as there is no sense but in laughingLaugh loudly, sometimes quietly, or sometimes cryingSeduce the perverse with the naïve and laughAttach the mystery of love to a […]


What is belief?A technique of truth through imagination How I believeThrough/ with poetry – through the metaphoric movement of meaning-the” trans-form” motionThrough the movement of transposing meaning (from one dimension to another) The belief of my seedIn the voice of my father:“Com amor e carinho!…”;Tudo é relativo!” A dancer’s beliefI believe God is a dancer.He dances in the stars, the planets, the creatures, the cells, atoms, and sub-atoms. Everything is […]