Project Description

In the experience of feeling dance I encounter sense; a sense that breathes in the vertigo of unbalance, giving space for the impermanent, for transformation, for movement. In the sensations of a danced movement I discover a de-rationalized wisdom, a sensual understanding of meaning, a non-formal exchange.

In dance the body merges with its exterior, with the atmosphere; it becomes an atmosphere of sense. The body loses a contained identity and transforms into a porous mass of energy that absorbs, transmutes and expels. It becomes reduced to the energetic essence of the moment. Not a neutral energy, but an energy tainted by a history of micro-perceptions carved into that moment and loaded with desire to be anima, the desire that generates movement.

Through dance I see myself as a process of transformation. I am, I survive as a continuous process of disintegration and re- integration.

Vibrating between the necessities of being contained within a body and expanding through the world, the body generates a vulnerable space of dual forces, the space where movement happens. So I live in the tension space of this duality, I am the its continuous survival motion, and I dance the forces that drive such movement. I dance a dynamic desire to feel the physical quality of being alive, a desire of affecting and being affected by the world.


So, to the forces that generate me as a process of transformation and drive my dance I call “forces of affection”. I see them as a cyclical need to absorb and expel energy; like in the breathing process.

The physical desire for affection becomes momentarily satisfied when the interior atmospheric spaces of the body become exterior and the exterior interior. Physical meaning is found in a relation felt as inside-out and outside-in. It is an intimate relation because it is energetic and non formal and therefore has only a momentary sense.

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Poetic Exercises

Project Date:

January 3, 2022