Project Description

Premier May 2002, GANG performance space, Arnhem

Approaching art as "a doorway into other realities, other dimensions, other perspectives" (Kevin Volens), the creators brought together their theatre and dance background with visual art and music, and created an interactive performance.
Unlike in a traditional theatre situation, in this performance the public walks through the performance space. The backdrop of the performance is a bizarre beauty-clinic. The dramatis personae are archetypical people from today’s society.
Together with the visual designer (Melle Smith), Canvas turned that performance location into an industrial looking “beauty-farm”. With the help of plastic tubes, cling-wrap foil and living background projections, they created a unique performance.

Direction: Cecília de Lima.
Choreography: Attila Gonczi, Cecília de Lima, Lorenzo Borella.
Dancers: Lorenzo Borella, Attila Gönczi, Ayara Hernandez, Yun Jung Kim, Sandro Kolbe, Nono Ladas, Satya Roosens, Astrid Seidler.
Visual design: Melle Smets.
Costumes: Elaine Ho, Tetsuo Mukai
Sound designer: Clare Dowling
Light Design: Jurriaan van Diggele
Graphic design: Maarten Verweij
Production /PR: Harry Abbink
Location production: Rob Groot Zevert
Camera operator: Jan Katsma, Ivo Voragen
Video: Jan Katsma

Funds and other supports:
Gemeente Arnhem- actieplan “Mijn Cultuur, Jouw Cultuur”; Prins Bernhard cultuurfonds; VSB fonds; Theaterwerkplaats Generale Oost.

Public and Press reaction
“You can make it to be your unforgettable, the most beautiful performance ever”
(daily newspaper: de Gelderlander)
Also in the Guest Book of the piece, the public wrote their reactions:
“An unforgettable evening”
“…a pearl to the culture of Arnhem that must be kept”
“ I have never seen something so intense that touched my emotions

Project Details


Choreographic Work
Works with Canvas


GANG performance space

Project Date:

May 1, 2002