Project Description

What is belief?
A technique of truth through imagination

How I believe
Through/ with poetry – through the metaphoric movement of meaning-the” trans-form” motion
Through the movement of transposing meaning (from one dimension to another)

The belief of my seed
In the voice of my father:
“Com amor e carinho!…”;
Tudo é relativo!”

A dancer’s belief
I believe God is a dancer.
He dances in the stars, the planets, the creatures, the cells, atoms, and sub-atoms. Everything is movement and in the sensation of dancing He finds His bodily pleasure.

The ultimate belief
I search for a sort of intelligence that is able to create happiness

The critical belief:
“If you want to learn how to survive, you have to be able to laugh at yourself”

The sensorial belief:
Jumping with nothing to grab, just the sensation of falling all the way through this strong, vulnerable string of life, all the way…
The layperson’s scientific belief
…And if there were no cry there could be no laugh, or if there were no black there would be no white, or if there were no imagination, there would be no reality. Like two directions of the same line and if we pull them into the infinite, they will meet and fuse together in the other side of the universe.

“Here and now, I’m not looking for definitive answers, I rather believe that each world of microscopic intensities has its own energy, always rolling and transforming one moment to another, making space from different perspectives.

The anti- belief
What I’m looking for?
Maybe strength through vulnerability;
maybe believing in each moment accepting that tomorrow will be somehow different;
maybe the mystery and the risk of an invisible string to hold on to;
maybe the freedom of living with my imagination for a little while longer and creating other doorways to discover;
or maybe the honesty to say that I’m not definitively sure of anything.


The Poetic belief:
Looking at the world for the first time and creating my reality as I feel…
Today I believe in:
a lapse of reason,
moments of love,
a big blue,
a deaf shout,
and an old man embracing the trees…

Tomorrow maybe all this will be nonsense

References of belief:

“To see the Summer Sky
Is Poetry, though never in a book it lie –
True poems flee “ Emily Dickinson

“Each of us is Life for now. Let it be enough.” - Jose Saramago

"Let love be endless, while it lasts" - Vinicius de Moraes

“The human freedom consists of being conscious of the absurd of life” - Woody Allen

“How to learn to fly: You have to throw yourself to the floor and you have to miss it”
From the book “hitch hikers guide for the galaxy”

Project Details


Poetic Exercises

Project Date:

January 3, 2022