Project Description

Through dance there are moments when I become motion. In these moments, I’m not in motion, but I am motion. I experience an ongoing state of transformation; not a transformation into something, but a feeling of ‘being’ transformation; a state of becoming or being the force of becoming; being simply a manifestation of energy. Dance plays with the vertigo of being a momentum of becoming. It perceives existence as a motion state of transformation.

As my body moves through a complex series of formalized movement paths, my perception rests in the sensation of an ever-forming world of energy clouds coming from these movements. I dive into the physical consciousness of the sensation of movement so I sense my self as a physical quality, a force, an energetic manifestation.

In these moments, my body breathes a permeable quality, and in its vulnerable state gathers a visceral sensual power. Maculated from the past and laughing from the nostalgia of purity, I fall in the motion of surrendering to my physical condition, and let myself play with it.

As I enter deeper in the physical consciousness of motion, the consciousness of corporeal energies becomes an unconsciousness of me as an individual. I cease perceiving myself as a formalized identity and perceive merely a state of transformation. I sense identity not anymore as a border that determines the duality of an interior and


exterior morphology, but as the quality of moving through this border; through an IN and OUT cycle of micro-motions. In this state, the itching desire for identity becomes an amorphous vessel and “Me” a liquid experience running through it. The body transcends its formal limits to expose an inherent meaning. Meaning moves through the dual forces of a breathing cycle and shows it self naked as a ‘transpiration process’.

In moments of dance I find myself in a state of vibration: like if the pulsations of my atoms, cells or organs become amplified; I sense my body as a cloud of trembling particles, echoing into a choreography of innumerable vibrations of micro-motions. Time becomes swelled; it gathers volume, weight, plasticity. It moves through an elastic quality. I play with its elastic quality not through a relation of control, but through a feeling of intensity in a game of seduction.

Project Details


Poetic Exercises

Project Date:

January 3, 2022