Project Description

Premier: May 2007, Theater ArtEZ, Arnhem

Me in a private dream
You, the shadow of a public difference
We, a state in between, a suspended seduction
They create the tension
‘No strings attached!’ investigates affection as a physical force intrinsic to the nature of movement.  This performance is a poetic reflection on the nature of solitude. It explores the physical moods driven by the hunger for affection, exposing the contradiction that rises from the desire to share intimacy and the incapacity to completely connect with another person.
Created during Cecilia’s Choreographic Master Course

Choreography: Cecília de Lima
Performers: Ilan Gold, Hella Immler, Tibor Molnár, Gesa Piper, Ingrun  Schnitzler
Sound design: Nils Feenstra, Tim Groeneboom, Marnix Ike
Light design: Attila Gönczi
Artistic advice: João da Silva, Attila Gönczi
Costumes advice: Sandra Booltink

Funds and other Supports
Dance Unlimited Artez Institute Arnhem, Canvas Performing Art

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Theater ArtEZ

Project Date:

July 31, 2007