Project Description

Premier: 8 May 2008 at ArtEZ Theater, Arnhem

Tearing apart the body to expose its substance…

An opening for survival or destruction?
Surrendering in delight or in submission?
An act of disintegration or of immanence?

Before anything else, a moment of exhilaration
…the pleasure of feeling intensively alive!

This piece is inspired on the sensation of falling and its metaphorical significance: surrendering to the vertigo of affection in a mix of exhilaration and fear. Driven by such sensorial inebriation the work explores the verge of physical pleasure where the need of sensing the others becomes an act of subversion.

Choreography: Cecília de Lima
Dancers: Gesa Piper, Valerie Kommer, Sasker Polman, Winston Arnon, Barbara Ebner
Music design: Marnix Ike
Light design: Attila Gönczi

Costumes design: Femke Ratering

Dramaturgy: Lisette van Rossum

Artistic advice: Attila Gönczi

Funds and other Supports:

Dance Unlimited Artez Institute Arnhem,

Canvas Performing Art

Fundaçao Calouste Gulbenkian

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Works As An Independent Artist
Choreographic Work


ArtEZ Theater

Project Date:

May 8, 2008