Vision / Mission


Sensorial Art –exploring a naked perception through the vertigo of affect

Dance fascinates me in its power to intensify a sensual understanding and explore an embodied knowledge.

Through my choreographic work I enter the theatre space as a shelter of subversion in a game of paradoxes. In this sheltered space I play with the conflicts of a corporeal affective force and grasp motion as a sensorial experience. Through dance I perceive existence as a motion state of trans-formation. Immersed in the sensorial experience of the physical property of things my work investigates a body – spirit relation as a daily act of affect.

I believe that in the depth of our essence we already understand the world.

We find this understanding in moments when we overcome control and let ourselves surrender to the sensations of falling. On those moments we are simply alive, overpowered by a sensation of intensity; on those moments there is no need, no space for thought.

With dance I touch the nature of this understanding. For a glimpse of a moment, I feel simply alive, falling all the way through a vulnerable string of life.



Through my work I seek to:

  • Bring further the potential of dance to explore thought as an articulation of sense(s) that emerge from perceiving the body and its movement.
  • Bring further the potential of dance to consider an outlook at reality as a continuous state of motion(s).
  • Enhance and express a Body/Spirit relation as a daily act of affect.
  • Bring across the unique value of physical presence in the era of virtual communication.

As a general methodology I propose:

  • Share and confront the artistic vision that I call as `Sensorial Art´
  • A collaborative artistic creativity;
  • An interactive confrontation between artistic practice and scientific/ academic research
  • An interactive discourse between artistic practices and daily realities of the community